Monday, January 13, 2014

weekly phone dump - January week {two}

From left to right:
1.  I bought new pillows for the family room last week.  Apparently Sophie and Bella had some fun with one of them.  They usually don't do that sort of thing anymore.  They must have been bored waiting for me to come home from work.
2.  Ashley gave me some Pirates Booty.  These individual bags are only 2 WW points plus (I could have eaten 2 bags, LOL!!), it was really yummy!!
3.  Every night after work I take the pups for a walk (or run, if the school field is empty).  It is a good way to force me to stay active.
4.  My hubby always gasses up my car and takes it through the car wash for me.  He is pretty great!!
5.  Bella is a ball hog!!  She will eventually learn how to keep 2 balls in her mouth, I am sure of it.
6.  Our order from HERE finally came in, so we can finish our stairway!! 
7.  I love shopping at Sam's (and Costco), because I get some of my favorite things in very large quantities.  Notice the grape juice (I blogged about it HERE).
8.  The new Bully Breed magazine was at Petco.  I love reading through them!!  Although, I don't really consider Sophie and Bella Bullies!!
9.  Soph and Bella met a new friend at the Bark Park on Sunday.  We want to make sure our pups have good socialization skills.  Sophie is a little shy, but she is getting better.  Bella thinks she owns the place.

Enjoy Today!!

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