Monday, January 6, 2014

weekly phone dump Jaunuary week {one}

From left to right:
1.  I made my famous buttermilk pancakes on Wednesday (since Mike and I were home for New Year's Day).  The recipe is HERE.  They are so good!!
2.  Mike and I are drinking grape juice EVERY day (I will post about it on Friday).
3.  I love organizing my new calendar every year.  This year's model is THIS one.
4.  I bought new kitchen towels at COSTCO this week.  They are so bright and Cheery.
5.  Sophie and Bella each got one of THESE for Christmas.  They LOVE them!!  see #6
6.  Sophie enjoying some play time with the Chuck-it.
7.  We have a car wash near our house that offers FREE (do it yourself) vacuuming.  Mike and I vacuumed out my car on Saturday, I didn't realize how much dog hair was in there.  Must be from all the bark park visits, LOL!
8.  After we vacuumed the car and ran a few errands.  We stopped at IKEA for a few organizing items and lunch.  Swedish meatballs and lingen berry jam~Yes Please! (random fact:  I am part Swedish).
9  Mike and I grabbed a SB's before church.  I cannot remember the last time I had one (gasp!!)Of course I got my usual:  non fat-no whip-white mocha=DELISH!

Enjoy Today!!