Monday, January 27, 2014

weekly phone dump January {week 4}

From left to right:
1.  Another pillow bit the dust, I have now decided to put them out of reach while I am at work see # 4.
2.  My work provides healthy snacks~LOVE that!!  I am getting back on the "healthy eating" wagon, fell off over the holidays.  
3.  Our dogs have their own peanut butter jar, because my hubby is a little OCD about putting the knife in there to fill up the Kong's.  
4.  The pillows now get put away when I am at work, since 3 have bit the dust.  I cannot wait until they are out of the puppy stage!!
5. Have you seen THIS floating around Facebook?  Such a great message...Thought I needed to do a selfie!
6.  LOVE my Tom's, but noticed that they are getting a small hole, I was thinking of maybe adding a small red heart patch.
7.  Mike was busy all weekend working on our stairs.  We are in the final stretch!!  I am hoping to post some pictures of all his hard work soon!!
8.  Guess where we went on Sunday?  see #9
9.  Sunday Morning at the Bark Park.  The girls love their social time!!

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June K said...

I saw the first photo and said "OMG" . . . I wonder which dog starts it before the other joins in.