Saturday, January 5, 2013

Remember me?????

Wow!  I really had planned on posting more regularly throughout December...but I got sick, Christmas happened, and the usual daily grind, prevented me from my "sporadic" posting (that will hopefully be changing soon!!). 
I hope you had a FABULOUS Christmas and New Year!! 

From Left to Right:
1.  Came down with a cold a couple weeks before Christmas~it really knocked me out!!
2.  NEW walking shoes...for my daily walks with Kodi!!
3.  I am addicted to scarves lately~and luckily the Arizona temps are cooperating, so I can wear them *wink*
4.  You know I cannot post a photo dump without my weekly SB's splurge!!  I am currently drinking non fat, no whip, white chocolate mocha~YUM!
5.  Went to the doctor (see #1), while waiting to be seen, this rubber glove holder on the wall was driving my OCD crazy!!  (can you see it???).  I almost got up and fixed it, but with my luck that is when she would have walked in, LOL!
6.  Josh playing his guitar at our friends Christmas Party!!  We had a blast eating lots of yummy food, watching all the gift stealing during the gift exchange, and singing Christmas Carols!!
7.  Me and Ash (see #7) (Mike and Nate seemed to be avoiding the camera that night!!).
8.  One of my new Christmas gifts (YES I enjoy getting kitchen appliances for Christmas).  This bad boy has a timer, which I LOVE!!  I use my crock-pot almost every day (I love that I can throw everything in it the night before, put it in the fridge and then plop it in the base before I head out to work at 7:30 am.  Plus my family would probably not have dinner if I didn't use it, cause I am tired when I get home at 5:30). 
9.  Christmas stuff is all put away until next year.  It is sad taking it all down, but I love getting everything put away and back to normal (whatever that is, LOL!).

 ENJOY Today!!

and I may even have a crafty post or two to share this coming week...CRAZY I know!!