Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life Wednesday {catching up}...

**Thanks June for pointing out my wrong date!!  I fixed it (not sure what I was thinking), LOL**

Hi all, 
Its looking like Wednesday is going to be my Project Life day. I have been on a roll, and I am almost caught up with 2012~woot!  Here is my Thanksgiving layout (and you thought I was late with my Christmas page, LOL!!).

When I was scrapping this layout, I realized that I didn't really take many photos on thanksgiving (not sure why~I must have been filling my face and having fun), which made putting my page together really quick!!  

We also took our annual Christmas Family photo that same morning (which I will NEVER do again!!), and decided to make a page to include the outtakes, which make me laugh every time I look at them!!  I seriously LOVE my crazy family!!

 Full Layout (click image to see larger)
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Left Side

Right Side

Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

I enjoyed your nice layout and Thanksgiving story. That Kodi is so cute. He is SO patiently waiting for some food. Gretchen, did you mean to have Oct 25th as the date and not Nov 22nd?

Gretchen Clark said...

Thanks so much June!! I fixed it :)