Sunday, December 2, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump {November week 4}...

From left to right:
1.  Our office chipped in to buy Power Ball Tickets...We didn't win :( 
2.  My cube is getting a little holiday~ish!
3.  Mike and I went out for lunch on Saturday at our USUAL spot.  They have the BEST guacamole!
4.  We find this occasionally when we go upstairs to get ready for bed.  CRAZY Pete!!  Sometimes I wonder what he would do if I turned the water on, LOL!
5.  My Christmas Cards arrived the other day!!  I get them printed at Costco, they do a great job!!
6.  Getting ready to deck the halls at the Clark house!
7.  I am currently reading THIS  book.  I am thinking about changing up my blog in 2013.  I really miss posting on a regular basis.  Stay tuned!!
8.  This guy is the best tree fluff-er around!!  Since living in AZ we have gone "artificial"~ because, it is a dry heat around here!!  And YES we wear our PJ's on Sunday afternoon~that's how we roll at the Clark house!!
9. Our Front door is "decked" for Christmas!!

Enjoy today!!


June K said...

My husband has a cousin in AZ but other than her we don't know anyone else personally so I started wondering if the one who won was possibly a blogger I follow. Sorry it was not you :(.

Crazy Pete sure is crazy. I really enjoy seeing your weekly photo dumps. Thanks.

Liz Hicks said...

Hey Bueno!! Just got your card and decided to look at your blog!! SO neat!! I am so happy that this year was great for all of you, and I hope it continues....Love you!!

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