Monday, January 21, 2013

{photo dump} january 2013 wk 3...

From Left to Right:
1.  What do you do when your office is freezing??  Take a random photo and text it to your husband of course!!
2.  keeping my fingers warm while I work!
3.  Most EVERY day I cannot wait for PJ time!! 
4.  Have you tried shredding chicken with your mixer before??  I saw this on Pinterest and it worked AMAZING!!  Will NEVER go back to the two fork method!!
5.  Mike and I ate at our favorite spot!!  I mixed it up a bit...instead of my usual veggie bowl, I got steak this week (I'm wild and crazy like that!!).
6.  I remembered to buy some Tootsie Rolls (I ran out on Thursday~gah!)
7.  Had some time to make a card!!  Will blog it later this week.
8.  Working on my blog posts~trying to organize and plan some new stuff!!
9.  Mike is watching the game today (I'm typing this up on Sunday)!!  Here is one of his Christmas gifts~cause everyone needs a Patriots nut cracker, LOL!


June K said...

Thanks for sharing #4. I'll have to try that.

Jodene said...

Love seeing these little snippets of your life. That nutcracker is very cute!