Sunday, January 13, 2013

12 on the TWELFTH...

Thought I would add this new photo project to the rotation~
"12 on the Twelfth."  
Here is my January Edition 
(just like my weekly photo dumps with 3 extra pictures).

From Left to Right:
1.    My hubby makes my coffee EVERY day~sometimes he even gets my mug ready too. LOVE that!!
2.    Getting ready for the day.
3.    Decided to go curly today.
4.    Am I still in Phoenix??  The temps have been STINKIN' cold!!
5.    Laundry~the never ending story!!
6.    Mike and I went to Costco and decided to grab some lunch~$6 for both of us (can't beat that)!
7.    Our Costco purchases.  Our much needed coffee & creamer (we buy that stuff in bulk!!).
8.    Had some creative time~which I have missed!!
9.    Kodi just chillin' out!
10.  Did a little organizing in hubby's dresser drawers.
11.  Picked up some fresh fruit at Costco~so made a yummy fruit salad.
12.  Baked Mike some oatmeal raisin cookies~his FAV!

Enjoy today!!

1 comment:

June K said...

OK, photo 10 has my complete attention. How do you fold his clothes so that he can see everything in the drawer? How deep is that drawer? Wow!