Monday, November 26, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump {November week 3}

From Left to Right:
1.  Our church collected 81 shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child!!  So AWESOME!
2.  Me, Ash and Hersh posing for a picture on Thanksgiving!!
3.  I upgraded to the iphone 5 last week (LOVE it), so of course I needed a new case!!  Found a great deal on Groupon for this place.
4.  Wish my family would finish up the leftover pie from Thanksgiving!!  I caved and had a small-ish piece!!
5.  Saw this picture on Facebook and texted it to Josh.  How GROSS is a whole canned chicken?
6.  If you live in the Phoenix area, you know that this station plays Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  Turned it on in my vehicle, hoping it gets me into the Christmas mood!!
7.  Saturday morning, I decided to curl my hair since it is getting longer.  Think I may be sporting this look more often!!
8.  Jess bought me some sugar cookie peeps!!  DELISH!
9.  Kodi anxiously waiting to go for a walk, or what we call it in our house K-L-A-W (walk spelled backwards, lol), since he goes a little nuts when he hears the word!

Enjoy Today!


Jodene said...

Firstly, love the hair!! The canned chicken .... ewwww!! And that new phone case is adorable, will definitely be checking that site out!

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