Thursday, November 15, 2012

weekly iphone dump...November {week 2}

Hi all!
I wanted to pop in with my weekly phone dump!!  

I have been thinking up some crafty things for the holidays, and I hope the creative juices start flowing soon!!  So stay tuned for some crafty posts!!

In the meantime...Here is my crazy week!

From Left to Right:
1. I usually eat my breakfast at my desk...on Tuesday I had a coffee, banana and Fiber One bar (4ww points plus if you include the creamer).  I'm back on Weight Watcher's to stay on track through the holidays!!!
2.  I randomly text my hubby at work with a wacky picture, I think he gets a kick out of it, LOL!!  (I seriously don't know what I did before I had my iPhone!!).
3.  I took Ashley to clean out her car at the collision center~bye bye little Saturn!!  You were a good car to her!!!  RIP!!
4.  I am back on the White Chocolate Mocha bandwagon (I am over pumpkin spice)~and almost ready for Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha!!
5.  It is finally cool enough in AZ for boots!  It was in the 60's last weekend (don't laugh CT peeps!!).
6.  Josh texted me this photo of Kodi all bundled up~it's getting chilly here in AZ (see #5).
7.  I have used my old crock pot a LOT this week!!  I love when I can get my act together and have dinner ready when I walk through the door after work!
8.  I do not encourage pets on the counter...but I think Pete was trying to get my attention by sitting in the kitchen sink!!  This is why I call him CRAZY Pete!!
9.  Today was cloudy and I was kinda it was a 2 cup of coffee day!

**by the looks of it~I really needed my coffee this week, LOL**

OK...I am off to watch some TV with Kodi and the fuzzy blanket!!  

Enjoy Today!


Patrice said...

Crazy Pete has the most adorable look on his face - "am I in trouble mum"? lol

Kim H. said...

Love your photo dump. :) I also LOVE Your boots! Where did you get them? They are exactly what I have been searching for, for months!


Jodene said...

Love catching up on the happenings via your photo dumps :) That crazy Pete is one cute Kitty!

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