Tuesday, November 6, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump...(from 2 weeks ago)

Since my hubby is glued to the television tonight...Thought I would post my long over due photo dump!! (this is from 2 weeks ago).

From Left to Right:
1. Pumpkin Spice Latte=YUM!! 
2.  My mom sent me some apples from CT.  They were eaten in a matter of days!!  Nothing compares to New England apples!!
3.  We all got double monitors at work (the 2 different sizes drives my OCD a little crazy), but I LOVE having 2 monitors at work (and at home)!
4.  I Voted!!   By mail, and I am so glad I signed up to do it that way~no line for me~WOOT!
5.  Received some flowers from my church and the smelled awesome!!
6.  Operation Christmas Child is in full swing at church~I LOVE being a part of this ministry!  To read more go here.  
7.  I seriously love this dog!!  I joke he is like my 3rd child...but he really is!!  Yup, I'm that crazy person!!
8.  Someone who used to work with me gave me the cutest Halloween gift...Thanks Scott!!!  I miss working with you!!
9.  Ashley got rear-ended on her way home from work (1 1/2 weeks ago).  She is OK!!  But I don't think her car will make it.  She has had her Saturn since she learned to drive (10 years).  It was a little sad to see it like that!!  And it was a little sad to think she has been driving for 10 years!!  That makes me...old...mature, LOL!!!

Enjoy Today!!

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Jodene said...

How cute is that candy corn mug! And poor Ashley, glad she wasn't seriously hurt though and that the neck pain didn't give her too much trouble.