Friday, November 5, 2010

lacey card and "hershey"

Happy HAPPY Friday!!!
Thanks so much for the name suggestions for Ashley's little doggie.

I think they have finally decided on a name after much deliberation. Nate wanted to name him chewbakka,"chewy" for short...and Ashley like Oliver "ollie" for short. But since they were both pretty firm on their name suggestions, they decided to throw out both of those names and call him "Hershey" since he is like a little Hershey Kiss, LOL!!! He is the sweetest little dog ever!!! I seriously may go over and dog-nap him today!!!

He got all fixed up at the groomers on Wednesday, so of course I went over to Ashley's house to see what he looked like...TOO CUTE!!! I snapped a few photos of "Hershey" with Ashley's camera (so she could post his new haircut on Facebook), and Ashley took a few of me with the cutie pa~tootie!! Here we are posing for the camera :)

hershey rs

Ok, now onto the stamping:
I have been wanting to pick up some of these doilies forever and always forgot!!! I just so happened to walk down the cake decorating aisle and saw them~woot woot! So in my basket they went!!! I pulled out my Delightful Dahlia stamp set and Die and went to work. The doilies add such a nice lacey touch~really pretty!!! I ran my Creamy Carmel ink pad over it to give it more of and antiqued look. They were lots of fun to work with~ and I am sure there will be more doily posts in the future, LOL!!

dahlia friend

I was too tired last night to photograph my non stamping craft Monday will be the day to show them off, LOL!!!

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend?? I downloaded a bunch of stuff from this website, since I signed up for the free trial lesson last week (it included lots of PF files to download and print). From what I saw in the first lesson, the class looked pretty awesome!!! But I just could not justify spending $65 on the course right now (since I am in FPU).

This weekend I hope to put together a Christmas Planning binder that will hopefully get my hiney in motion for this years festivities!!! You can read Aby's article for getting organized for the holidays here.

Ok Friends~have a Marvelous weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Hershey is perfect!!!

Jodene said...

Your card is gorgeous as always Gretchen! I just picked up some doilies this week too, can't wait to play with them.
I love the name Hershey too, perfect for such an adorable little bundle of cuteness :)

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