Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday~whoop here it is....

Happy Friday!!!
Can I get a *YIPEE*

Mike and I have been checking out washing machine reviews and prices~looks like Home Depot has the best sales going on right the laundry hopefully tonight (or tomorrow) I will be doing some laundry with a less noisy machine (and maybe a new dryer too if we can find a good deal~I will let Mike go Dave R on the sales guy, LOL j/k).

In AZ we do not change our clocks to observe daylight savings time...but it does get dark earlier here in the fall/winder, which makes me feel like it is later than it actually is, and also makes me sleepy!!! last night I fell asleep under the blanket with Kodi, and didn't have time (I mean I didn't feel like it, LOL!) to upload and edit my card because Mike and I watched this, along with some other shows that we needed to catch up on (I LOVE my DVR!!) come back a little later for my card post!!

I don't want to leave you without a photo~last weekend we did our Christmas family photo shoot...of course I had to snap a quick photo of this cute little Hershey "squirt" He is just so darn cute!!!

Christmas Hershey 001 rs

Happy Weekend!!!

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Jodene said...

Hershey is sooo cute! And that turquoise collar really suits his colouring.