Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just stopping in for a quick post~last night we had our last night of Financial Peace University (which was a great, btw!!!). Baby step 7 (the last one in FPU) Dave Ramsey talked about giving~this was one of the best lessons IMO!!! I cannot wait until Mike and I are completely debt free, so we "can GIVE like no one else (I think we will be stuck at Baby Step 2 for a while, LOL!!!!). My mom always said, "it is better to give than receive!!" and that is so true!!

As Mike and I drove home we both had someone come to mind that we want to bless this week~I cannot wait!!!

Is there someone you can bless this week (it doesn't have to be expensive~a card/phone call/word of encouragement or small gift)? You will be blessed even more than the recipient!!

Enjoy Today!!

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