Friday, November 12, 2010 #2

I'm baaaack!!
I am a little later than anticipated~because as I was sipping my coffee and blog reading this hit me that I totally forgot to make the deposits for work (since yesterday was Veteran's Day and the banks were closed), so I hurried up and showered and went to the bank and then hit up Hobby Lobby and Target (2 of my favorite spots!!!). I have some cute (and cheap) crafty things in store for you (thanks to my trip to HB!!).

I love quilts!!! I have made (completed) one, and have two tops ready for backing and edging (I just never find the time to finish them), maybe now that it is fall/winter, I will be motivated to get the sewing machine out :) This card reminds me of a quilting, but way faster to complete ;)

quilt card_0011

Have a Fabulous weekend!!!


Jodene said...

Love this card too! And clever you for being able to sew. I can manage a straight line on my cards and that's about it. lol I would love to make a quilt but it's just never going to happen :)

Nancy Riley said...

Oh Gretchen! I just love this card! In fact, I love ALL your creations ... you've got style, girl !!! Although I seldom comment, please know that I do stalk your blog, and love seeing your facebook posts too! Thank you for sharing your creativity .... always inspiring!