Monday, July 14, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump ~ July week {two}

From left to right:
1.  I bought an onion chopper (it is not only for onions) last week. I LOVE it!!  THIS is a similar one.
2.  I started working out with the Beyond Diet Edge Program.  You use an exercise ball, and just let me say...IT IS HARD!!  I didn't realize how out of shape I am!!
3.  Just Soph swimming with Mike.  This is our nightly routine.
4.  Cereal is not on my Beyond Diet program, but I have found this yummy replacement:  Quinoa, with coconut milk, walnuts and berries.  REALLY YUMMY and I can pronounce everything on the ingredient list.
5.  Sophie and Bella are really loving to swim!  On Thursday when I came home for lunch, I let the pups out (like I normally do), and was wondering why they were not wanting to come back in?  Soph was exiting the pool and Bella was just getting in.  Silly dogs!!
6.  Mike and I went to Pita Jungle for lunch on Saturday.  We usually dine outside on the patio, but since it has been so hot, we decided to dine inside.  I never noticed the bicycles on the ceiling before. Very COOL!
7.  This was my lunch (see #6), it was so big, I actually had it for dinner that night too -- YUMMY!
8.  We took the dogs to the bark park on Sunday, we have not been in a while.  They had a lot of fun seeing their furry friends.
9.  Mike took Bella to get her rabies shot on Sunday.  They love her (and Soph too, of course) at the vets office, how could you not? She is such a cutie!!

Enjoy Today!!