Friday, June 6, 2014

{one organizing project at a time} What I keep in my bag

I have had this post in mind for a while, I finally had a few minutes to take some photos and blog about it.  

I don't know about you, but I really love seeing how people organize their purse/bag, and what they keep  inside (am I the only nosey one around here?).

Well here is how I organize my bag:

Bag from Target - link is HERE

Inside I keep these items:
Purse organizer, Cosmetic bag (that does not hold cosmetics), wallet.

I LOVE this purse organizer (below) that my daughter in law, Jess, told me about.  There are several options different brands available, but I just ordered the cheapest one.  It has worked AWESOME!! 
what I keep inside:

from left to right:  comb - lint brush - lotion - Advil - travel size hair spray - tissues - WW calculator - pens - hair clip - coupons and gift cards - hand sanitizer - mirror.

I ordered mine from Amazon - link is HERE.

I also keep lots of random items in a cosmetic bag.  I like that everything has its spot, and I know exactly were to find everything

what I keep inside: 
Cottonelle wipes (from years of being a mom) - Shout wipes (mostly for my hubby) - eyeglass alcohol wipes - manicure set - floss - eye drops - band aids.

I found this particular bag at Target ($6.99), I could not find the same one online to link to, but included a link to Similar ones from the Contents brand  HERE.

I did not take a photo of my wallet contents, because, it is pretty easy to guess what I keep in there:  cash - debit card (we no longer own credit cards!!) - medical cards - drivers license - receipts - my store cards (but I recently found a great way to organize those on Pinterest) -link is  HERE.

So there your have it.  
This is how I keep a small part of my life organized.

Enjoy Today!

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Jodene said...

I hope that Sophie is back to her old self soon! I love your handbag organiser, I have one too and it makes it much easier to switch bags out quickly too as you just take it out and pop it into the new bag.