Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mother's day card (for my MIL)...

Hi Blog Friends!!
I hope your Monday and Tuesday were FABULOUS!! I was a little tired starting out the week, but it seems like I am back in the swing of things, LOL!!!

I have been working on Mother's Day cards; Here is the card I made for my mother in law; I have not used this stamp set in so long~I forgot how much I liked it!!! Glad I dusted it off. I just tucked a gift card inside and mailed it off yesterday, so I am hopeful it will arrive in CT before Sunday.

mothers day 2011 a

on a random note...I have been drooling over this, ever since I got my iphone!!! I thought that I was close to getting one~until we had to replace the radiator in my vehicle yesterday~BOO!!! .


Amy Kolling said...

Gretchen, I had to go look at what stamp set you used. I recognized it being PTI but couldn't place it! That is an oldie but goodie! LOVE the colors and your layout especially with how you placed your scallops!

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