Friday, May 13, 2011

doily thanks...

Happy Friday!! My favorite day of the week!!!
I am not sure if you knew or not, but blogger has been out of commission since early yesterday morning (5/12). It was seriously driving me crazy, LOL!! I kept checking last night (every 10 min), to see if it was back up, so I could update my blog for today. Finally this morning it is working~hooray!!!


It is gonna be a quickie post today, since I have a to-do list a mile long and really need to get off the computer this morning.

I needed a few thank you cards for some special people that blessed me last week *smile*. Here is one I whipped up the other day~I felt like it needed a little something else, and the doily was just the thing. I just really love them on cards ;)

doily thanks in pink

Okay Friends I am off to run some errands and hopefully clean my bathrooms today!!
Enjoy your weekend


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