Monday, May 16, 2011

project life...

Hi Friends!
This weekend was fun and just flew by way too fast (but don't the weekends always fly by??)!!

Ashley and I took a trip to one of my favorite stores on Saturday~you can read about it here. *good times*

My PL update:
I have been plugging away at my Project Life album *smile* which makes me feel so good!! I have to say that this system is super easy and I really love how fast it comes together!! I am working backwards (my 2010 photos), and I am up to May (I still need to do the journaling, but the fact that almost half the year is in the album~just makes me want to sing, LOL!!).

Here are a few shots of my PL album (a work in progress):

project life progress 1

Ashley and I realized that the last time we went to the Container Store was about a year ago (probably because it is a 40 min drive).

project life progress 2

Enjoy today!!!