Friday, May 20, 2011

clean & simple thanks...

I'm back with a card *smile*
I have banned myself from Pinterest for the rest of the day, so I can get some stuff done, LOL!!!

Yesterday, Josh asked me to make him a few Thanks You cards (of course I responded with No Problem!! I love an excuse to make some cards, LOL!). Since they will be written and mailed by him, I didn't want to "girl" them up!!! I went with a very clean & Simple design.

you're too kind

And on a random note~Every year I schedule a professional carpet cleaning...and today is the day *woot woot* I am weird I know, but I love when my carpets are fresh and clean!!! So I am off to move small furniture out of the way so they can clean every nook and cranny and get my carpets clean, clean, CLEAN!! ;)

Enjoy your weekend!!!