Friday, December 3, 2010

without futhur adieu...

I have been a long time follower of Ali Edwards (LOVE HER!!), she is a scrapbooking genius IMO!! I love how she puts her pages/journaling/transparencies all together to tell a wonderful story of daily LIFE!! I have been drooling over her December Daily Album (DDA) this year, and was contemplating if I should take on this task...isn't December already hectic enough without adding more pressure??? But since I love scrapbooking (my first love, before stamping), and I LOVE photos; I bit the bullet and purchased her templates. Of course I wanted to make my book just like hers...but everything was pretty much SOLD OUT (darn all those DDA participants!!), so I figured I would use my creativity and use Ali's book as a template (much more fun that way too!!), so off to Joann's, Michael's and Hobby Lobby I went gathering supplies (how fun!). My next thought was "will I have enough stuff to scrap about???" since my kids are young adults now...but the creative juices started flowing and I think I will be ok *wink* I have never scrapped pages first and then added photos/journaling, so this was a new concept for me to get my head around (I think I will like it though!!). Even though I am pretty busy with work, church, Christmas shopping, etc. I am keeping a small notebook handy to jot down my thoughts for each particular day; that way if I don't have time to get the day scrapped right away, it is no big deal! I may end up scrapping the entire book at once~but that is ok~I am letting myself go with the flow!!!

I am excited that I will have December 2010 documented for my family!!! I may just make this a Clark tradition ;) It's not too late to start one~will you join me in being a family storyteller???

Here are pages 1 thru 5 (lots of pic's!!):

pg 1a

pg 1b

pg 2a

pg 2b

pg 3a

pg 3b

pg 4a

pg 4b

pg 5a

pg 5b

I still have not decided if I am going to use an album or make my own cover like Ali. I do like the fact that each of her templates have lots of space for journaling, photos, or both. I plan on doing a mixture of digital and paper scrapping (hybrid scrapping)...I will post more as I plug away at it :)

Have a super weekend!!!


Joy Junktion said...

Looks like lots of work to me...I think I'll stick with posting a few pictures a day instead!!! But then again, I won't have anything I can put my hands on so....

bethchien said...

wow! that is going to be gorgeous!!

Mrs. b said...

Looks lovely! I agree, Ali E is great in documenting the everyday life. I am so happy I decided to start my first December Daily ever this year!