Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm planning a cookie decorating party...

Hi all!
Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend!!

I didn't get much cleaning done, but I am pretty much done with my Christmas Shopping~*woot woot* All I have left is to pick up is gift cards (one of my favorite types of gifts to give and get!!).
I have today off from work today *another woot woot* since I am trying to use up my hoarded vacation time. One of my goals get my naked tree decorated.

Each year Ashley and I (and the boys, if they are in the mood) decorate a gingerbread house/make cookies; when they were little, Ashley and Josh LOVED decorating cookies (the more sprinkles the better)!! I thought it would be fun to have a "cookie decorating party" this year for Ashley & Josh and a few of their friends (plus it will give me another page in my DDA, LOL!). So on Saturday night I put together a little invite for them to give to 3 of their friends (Lindsay~wish you were going to be in AZ to join us!!!). It was fun to use my digi supplies!! I think I am going to try to do more scrapping in 2011 (I kinda miss it!!). I used the kit "Deck the Halls" (purchased from Digichick in 2009) I couldn't find the same kit I have, but the mini one is here.

Here is my finished invite. You can download one here if you'd like, just bring it into photoshop to add your info, or hand write it in.

cookie party invite

I have lots of fun ideas in store for my cookie decorators next Sunday :)

Of course pic's will follow!!

Have a Splendid day!!


Jodene said...

That invite is sooo cute! I just wish I wasn't so digitally challenged :( Did I mention I want to come to your cookie party? Hmmm wonder how long it will take to get to you from Western Australia. LOL

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