Wednesday, December 29, 2010

been thinking about my friend...

Hi all...
How is your week going? I am so glad that this week is another short work week for me; I am exhausted/drained from the holidays!! Monday was really rough getting up early for work (I fell asleep on the couch when I came home, LOL!); It is also especially hard, since Mike has this entire week off. Today is my last day of work for this week *woot* then Thursday and Friday Mike and I are going to do some major organizing in the garage (I know it is very disturbing that this gets me excited)!! My OCD is showing, I know. Mike is also planning on turning our hall closet into a pantry for me (hooray!!). I get so frustrated trying to put away all my stuff from Costco in my "little" kitchen cupboards; I am going to order some of these (which really make me happy!!). I will post before and after photos~hopefully my hubs will start the project today (since it is suppose to rain all day).

Here is a quick project I made for the Hospitality Teams at church (which I am currently in charge of). I totally copied them from Nancy (since they were so super cute??). I can see more of these spice jars in my crafting future...I am thinking Valentine's Day!!

snowman jar_0009

snowman jar_0001

On a more somber note...
My very dear friend, Cindy, lost her best friend and husband, Mark, on Christmas Eve. Mike got the call early on Friday morning, and I just sat in disbelief that entire morning (and most of the day). While we know that Mark is now in heaven and no longer suffering~it is still hard for all the people he left behind. I cannot even imagine what my friend is experiencing!! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as she makes arrangements this week for the funeral. Big Hugs to you Cindy!!!

mark and cindy


Nancy Riley said...

Oh Gretchen! Your Ikea spice jars turned out sooo cute! I like the look of the M & M's in them, and am so flattered to have inspired you in this way! One of my co-workers wants me to make "tops" for her Ikea spice jar for holidays throughout the year so she can have it on her desk all year long.

So very sorry about your friend's passing. My prayers go out to his family.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

kuhn rikon pressure cooker said...

Really like your stuff. I just recently have found your blog and will definitely bookmark it! Happy New Year to you!

Jen Carter said...

These are so cute!! What a great gift idea!

So sorry about your friend!