Monday, December 13, 2010

the cookie party...

Happy Today!!! (a little late!!).
This weekend was a whirlwind! I was busy, busy, BUSY!!! I did however have a fun time at my church's Women's Christmas Party on Friday night, got my out of town packages wrapped and boxed up for shipping (mailed most of them today *woot*), my Christmas cards written, and had a very FUN cookie decorating party with my kiddo's and friends!

Ashley and I baked up a TON of sugar cookies on Wednesday, so they would be ready for the party on Sunday~let me just say "I ate way too much cookie dough!!! That stuff is like CRACK to me!!". Here is a photo of the delish'ousness!!!

cookie decorating 2010 000

Of course you have to have some fun sprinkles, sugar, and candy for some "fancy" decorating!!!

cookie decorating 2010_0001

Everyone got in on the fun~I was surprised that even the boys had a good time!!!

cookie decorating 2010_0035

Here is Nate singing a Christmas carol at the top of his lungs~I cannot remember what song it was for the life of me~but we all enjoyed the serenade!!

cookie decorating 2010_0050

My hubby even took a few moments out from his football game to join in the fun~Now that says a lot when his favorite team is playing!!!

cookie decorating 2010_0058

There were so many cute cookies!! It was fun to see everyone's creativity at work~here are a few or the masterpieces.

cookie decorating 2010_0071

And of course they needed a container to bring home all their creations in!! I found these cute take out boxes at the Target dollar spot, and pulled out my Holiday Treats stamp set and made a tag for each box. Then just added a cute little ornament (also from the dollar spot), and some curling ribbon~viola!

cookie decorating 2010_0004

And last but not least~my favorite "little dog" Hershey came to the party too!! I shared some frosting with him...because he is so stinkin' cute!! And who can say NO to that cute face??? He and Kodi are starting to make some progress in "getting along". Hopefully by Christmas they will be best of buds!! Kodi just has to realize he is 45 pounds and Hershey is 5 (although he (Hershey) doesn't know that, LOL!! He thinks he is a big dog the way he goes after Kodi!).

cookie decorating 2010_0077

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!!

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