Monday, October 11, 2010

it's monday...

Happy Monday!!
I hope you had Marvelous weekend!!! I am still waiting for my computer to come home!! I have missed her soooooo much!!! (I should be getting her back later in the week~HOLA!!). But I do have to admit that without my beloved computer this weekend, I actually relaxed. We had my SIL's parents over for dinner on Friday evening, which was so FUN!!! It was so nice hearing about their cross-country adventures!!! Makes me wanna rent an RV and take a trip like that!! (maybe if Mike and I are ever able to retire, LOL!!).
*I will post pic's next week when my computer returns (too hard to edit and upload with my laptop).*

Saturday was pretty low key, Ashley and I decided it is time we start walking again, and pay more attention to our WW points, (it is amazing how easy it is to get off track!!). Now that the weather is cooling down here in AZ, hopefully it won't be too hard to keep up with my walking schedule :0)

Since I pretty much slacked off this weekend~I didn't do any stamping *gasp* CRAZY I KNOW!!! So I am gonna leave you with a "doggie" funny for today (this is totally KODI). I actually saved it to my laptop desktop because it makes me smile/laugh every time I read it.


Enjoy today!!!
I am thinking positive and hoping to be back in business on Wednesday!!! *fingers crossed*