Friday, October 15, 2010

family room decor...

Today I have a decorating post for ya...I was supposed to post this last week, and then my computer kinda pooped out, so here it goes...

I have been wanting to change the photo I had over the sofa for a while (should have taken a before photo), but wasn't really sure what I wanted to do (I am sometimes undecisive) trip to Hobby Lobby helped me to get my decorating juices flowing, LOL!!! I have been wanting a metal star for a while (they kinda make me feel New England ~y) since they are very prevelant in the NE area. And since HL always has their metal decor 50% off (not sure if it is always on sale, but every time I have gone in, it has been on sale), I scored a few pieces that really didn't break the bank!!! *woot* Then I found a chalk board (really cheap), which I thought would add a fun touch to the wall, along with some vinyl wall decor (which I used my 40% off coupon on~I had to find something not on sale, so I could use my coupon LOL!!). Then all I needed were some plates to go in the plate rack (also 50% off at HL)...can you believe I found these plates at Target??? And can you believe that they are plastic? They really look like glass...REALLY !!!

family room 4

Of course Kodi was sitting in his usual spot when I snapped the family room photo...CRAZY DOGGIE!!!

family room 1
Here is a close up of the wall~I added a little message to the chalk board for my hubby, who very graciously hung up everything for me~and when I came downstairs, I had to laugh that he commented on it too, LOL!!!

family room 5

And just for fun, this is Kodi playing I am hard to photograph (which he has down pretty well).

family room 2

Hey CRAZY DOG...Lookie over here I have a snack...GOTCHA!!! Isn't he a cute??? I think so!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Jodene said...

The wall looks great Gretchen, and you certainly have one pretty gorgeous puppy there :) He looks like he owns the place sitting up there on the couch like that! lol

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