Friday, October 29, 2010

happy halloween...and lots of blab!!

Hi Friends!!!
It has been a CU~RAZY week!!! It started off pretty normal, but you know how things go, LOL!!!

Lots of blabbing ahead (consider yourself warned, LOL!):
Tuesday I had my carpets professionally cleaned (I try to do that at LEAST once a year), well that was all fine and dandy. They did a great job!!! Mike and I decided to go out for dinner that night (since all my kitchen/dining room chairs were in the kitchen for the carpet cleaning earlier)...after dinner we went to church for FPU (learned about retirement~kinda confusing, 401K, pensions, insert glazed look here). We got home around 8:30 pm and we were greeted at the door by Kodi (which is always fun!!!), since he is usually gated in the kitchen and family room (tiled floor). I was hoping the damage wouldn't be too bad (usually he only eats the cat food)~well low and behold...I found this (picture below) in the office/craft room *ARGH!!!* Not sure what he was trying to do, but he chewed a hole right in the doorway. Good thing I LIKE that doggie!!!

bad dog

Wednesday morning I called Phoenix Carpet Repair, and Robert (the owner) came out (that same day) and fixed us all up (he even did some other minor repairs), he is great btw!!! I highly recommend him. Since we didn't have any carpet remnants laying around, he told me to clean out a closet before he arrived, so he could get some pieces to use for the repair. I emptied our downstairs closet (I have been wanting to re-organize it for a while~this just gave me the kick in the pants, LOL!!) I took everything out and put it in the office/craft room. Unfortunately, the carpet in that closet had water damage from a few years ago, so I had to clean out Mike's closet too (closet organization is on the agenda today). I was happy with the end result, the carpet looks as good as new!!!


I also went to Hobby Lobby on Wednesday to look for a large basket to store our 3 work lunch boxes in (which Mike, Josh and I use everyday). I usually store them on top of the fridge, but they are not that pretty, KWIM? I found a basket that I liked at HL (and even had a coupon), but once I got it home it was kinda big~Mike thinks it looks to large for the spot...I am giving it a few days to see if it grows on me~what do you think?? Is it a keeper or should I return it??

kitchen storage

And since Halloween is Sunday, and I am not working today *woot*~I whipped up some treats for the office on Wednesday night, so I could bring them to work with me on Thursday~I picked up most of the stuff at Jo-Ann's (except for the plastic bugs~they are from the dollar store).


halloween_gifts close up

Ok, I think that is it for today!! Have a Fantastic weekend!!!


Imperfectly Happy said...

Love your little Halloween treats - toooooo cute!

Kathy Mc said...

Beautiful basket but longer and shorter would look much better. It takes away from your lovely cabinetry and refrigerator, IMO. Cute Halloween treats. Kodi's incident just reconfirmed why we have no pets. : )
Enjoy the weekend and Happy Halloween!

Allison said...

What fabulous Halloween treats! I'm sure they were enjoyed by all!

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