Monday, October 25, 2010

less is more birthday card...

Howdy all...
Here we are already back to Monday...sometimes I wish Sunday had a pause button, LOL!!!

Not a lot of exciting stuff going on at the Clark house this weekend~just the usual, cleaning/laundry/groceries. I also had a little bit of time on Saturday night to edit Josh's birthday photos (I am a little behind in the photo editing dept, considering his birthday was in May, LOL!).

I whipped up a quick Birthday card for a friend last night~I cannot take credit for it, because it is totally case'd (copy and share everything) from one of my favorite stampers. I just love the clean and simple (less is more) design!! (oh yeah, I did notice the blue strip is crooked, and will fix it before I mail it out~don't ya hate when that happens??).

delightful dahlia bday

Ok Friends have a Magnificent Monday!!!