Wednesday, October 6, 2010

bad news and good news...

Hi all...
The Bad News...I found out that my computer has 5 blown capacitors (photo of blown capacitors from wikipedia below) *sad face* That is why it keeps shutting down on me.
The Good News...Luckily we have a good friend that owns a computer store (and builds systems), that is going to "hook me up!!", and rebuild our system. He said I may even have it by Friday *woot woot*
I do have to say that I have been having withdrawals, LOL!!!

I have today off today (since I am working on Friday), so I hope to pop in later with some stamping!!! Luckily I have my laptop~so I am not totally "unhooked"

see ya a little later peeps!!!!

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Jodene said...

Bummer about the computer Gretchen, hope you get it back soon. Mine needs some major work (keeps crashing) but it is the only one in the house at the moment and I fear I may just die if I have no access at all!
Enjoy your day off :)