Friday, May 23, 2008

have you heard of Bento?

TGIF! It is finally Friday! I am so glad that the long weekend is here!!! Normally I have Friday's off, but with Ashley in Florida, I am still filling in. It will be nice to get back to my regular work schedule next week...I do have to say waking up later and going in to work for 9:30 has been kind of a nice change (I do prefer my 7:30-3:30 though).

Unfortunately I didn't have time to photograph my latest stamping I thought I would post some pretty pictures of Bento Lunches. I just recently discovered this way of packing lunches, and I think it is way cool!!!! Although, I don't know who has time to create these beautiful lunches each and every day. I usually eat one of these for lunch. I would love to open up my lunch box and find a lunch like this! I truly believe that you eat with your eyes, and well, I would probably overeat if I had a lunch like this ever day. They do intrigue me! and I may try to doctor up my lunches next week.

On a sad note, I just found out yesterday about the tragic death of Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter. More about it here *if you have a moment today lift up their family in your thoughts/prayers. (*I don't read that just had great pictures of the Chapman Family).

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!
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