Friday, April 11, 2008

my week 2 layout...

I am so happy it is Friday! I am ready for the weekend *happy face* I finished my 2nd assignment in my digi class and wanted to post it...this is my son Josh, isn't he a cutie?

A while back I sent in all my photos to to have them put on disk. I started going through the files on Wednesday evening to look for a vertical photo of Josh...before I knew it, the whole family was hunched around the computer going down memory lane and laughing with me at some of the 80's hairstyles Mike and I were sporting (I hope the perm never comes back!). I also couldn't believe how young Mike looked, I was so glad I hadn't aged any...LOL! I could just look at pictures all day! Needless to say I got a little distracted. I was glad to get my layout completed last night and posted to our class gallery.

I hope you have a wonderful is supposed to be in the mid 9o's here in Phoenix on Saturday (perfect, since it is a dry heat).

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Sears Family said...

Such a cute layout!!!

I gave you an award- check out my blog!

Jules said...

Another great layout! Good work! :)Julie

Tales from the World of Photo Scanning said...

Gretchen - Thanks for your posting from the recent order. You are the reason we have such fun helping to preserve generations of family photos. Those memories and emotions are so powerful.

Just added your comments to the blog: "Tales from the World of Photo Scanning" -

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