Friday, April 25, 2008

quotes part 2...

Well, Yesterday was a day from you know where!!!!

It started off great, just a regular day, we even had a special lunch at work in honor of Administrative Professional Day, presents, cake, flowers and balloons (we are so spoiled). Then I decided to install the new 2008 version of Quickbooks on my work computer, since the 2005 version was no longer going to work with the payroll updates. Usually this is about a 20 min task...right? WRONG! I went through the installation process and was unable to open up the new version and couldn't find the old version anywhere...after a brief panic set in, I called tech support...3.75 hours later, it was up and working. I am so glad Mike called to order pizza, because I was in no condition to cook dinner, especially when I walked in the door to find all of Ashley's apartment stuff scattered throughout the house (she is moving back home). I don't handle that kind of stress very well!

So that story brings me to the fact that I did not have anything new to post, since I am way behind on my week 4 layout. So I thought I would post the second part of my quote journal (part 1 is here). I hope you enjoy it.

I did get my order from Papertrey yesterday, so I hope I have time for some stamping therapy...I really need it!

Have a super Weekend!!! Thanks for visiting.

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Jules said...

Hope you had a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you make with your papertrey goodies! :)Julie