Tuesday, December 2, 2014

weekly iphone photo dump - November week {four}

From left to right:
1.  Just my morning coffee, I love my colorful Fiestware, it is so cheery in the morning.
2.  This is what it looks like on Sunday morning at Walmart in Williston, ND.  Lots of Carhartt and a line to get in.  I am still adjusting to my lack of shopping options.
3.  I was excited that I found this New England brown bread at (where else?) Walmart.  Unfortunately it was a FAIL.  Mike did not like it, and since I don't eat bread, it ended up in the garbage.
4.  Thanksgiving day...we got snow...They do not plow and sand the roads like they do in Connecticut!!!  I was having a little anxiety on our way to our friends house for dinner.
5.  Just Bella helping me do some online shopping (see #2).
6.  (See #5) I was shopping for some doggie sweaters and booties, since Bella has been shivering in the cold.  Poor baby!!
7.  This was the temperature on Sunday morning.  And it isn't even the coldest months yet, what???
8.  This is Sophie does when it is too cold outside (see #7), she takes a little nap, inside, where it is warm!!
9.  Ashley told me about this creamer, and I was delighted to find it at my Walmart!!  It is really yummy!! Not too pepper-minty and a hint of sweetness from the white chocolate. 

Enjoy Today!


June K said...

What a huge difference in climate and weather for you. Looks like your pups are having to adjust, too. TFS.

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