Monday, October 14, 2013

weekly photo dump ~ October {week two}

From left to right:
1.  Last week I was in the mood for a "grandpa style" (named after my great grandfather, who used to make them for my mom, and my mom who made them for me) it is an egg and cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip. 
2.  Sophie on her way to puppy class.  She loves looking out the window.
3.  Mike gassed up my car and had it washed, he takes good care of me.
4.  More home repairs, we are getting ready to repair the concrete floor on the first floor and then stain it.  
5.  A trip to Sam's Club for some groceries and a quick snack!
6.  Bella had a follow up appointment for another skin scrap, to make sure she tested negative for mites~which she did, HOORAY!
7.  I don't usually make big breakfasts, but surprised my hubby and made pancakes on Sunday morning.  THIS is the recipe I use and it is so yummy!
8.  You know I love Peeps, my mom always sends me some for every holiday.
9.  Got new glasses about a week ago, I need to have them adjusted, they keep sliding off my face.

Enjoy Today!

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