Monday, September 16, 2013

weekly iphone photo dump - September {week 2}

It has been a little crazy around here for me this week!! 

From left to right:
1.  Monday morning coffee and blog browsing on my iPad, my usual morning ritual before work.
2.  On Wednesday (this is where it gets crazy), I had a little off road excitement.  I was not feeling well on my way home for lunch (severe stomach cramps) and I started to feel really light headed.  I was attempting to pull over, but did not make it in time, I blacked out, thankfully I only walked away with a black eye (no one else was hurt & and our car is OK).  Mike came to my rescue and took care of me~Thanks Hun!!
3.  My mom ordered me to go to the doctor on Thursday, so off I went, and of course had lots of blood taken.  A gluten and dairy free diet may be in my future, I will keep you posted!
4.  Bella (and Sophie) were my couch companions.
5.  On Friday night, I ventured out with Mike to do some shopping.
6.  Since my Doc suggested that coffee might be too hard on my stomach (even decaf, you can imagine my horror!), I am trying out different teas.  This is going to be a HARD switch, I am not going to lie!!
7.  My favorite cracker, which is neither gluten or dairy free, LOL!!
8.  We are getting ready to rip out all our carpet~I cannot tell you how excited that makes me!!  Apparently bamboo flooring needs to sit in your house for 2 weeks to get acclimated to its surroundings.  I think painting is in my hubby's very near future (while the flooring chills out) next weekend!!
9.  Sunday lunch, BLT with turkey bacon = YUM!

Enjoy Today!!


Jodene said...

Oh Gretchen I am so glad to hear that your accident was only minor. It could have been so much worse! Good thing you had Mike and the puppies to take care of you :)

Melissa Moore said...

Glad to hear you walked away with only bruises. That must have been very scary!

Unknown said...

WOW!! Guess the purple does look bad, but am so glad you're ok! So very scary tho! Take care!

June K said...

I'm so sorry you are feeling so poorly and had that mishaps on the road. I am very glad you were not more severely injuired. Take care.