Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly iphone photo dump {August week 5}

From left to right:
1.  My mom sent me this new coffee cup~I LOVE it!!  It is my new work mug, because it makes me smile and cheers up my cubicle~Thanks Mom!!
2.  The two pups getting ready for their nap, after a CRAZY play session.
3.  Ashley came over on Friday night for a haircut, so I made dinner, since she was coming straight from work~one of her fav's!!
4.  Mike and I hit COSTCO this weekend, we are all stocked on toilet paper and kleen-X ;)
5.  Since I was not home in CT this Labor Day weekend, for the Woodstock Fair, Mike and I ate at Five Guys, because their fry's taste just like the ones at the fair~YUM!
6.  I tackled this pile of's like I have a brand new wardrobe!!
7.  This is what happens when you are waiting at the Verizon store.
8.  We took the doggies swimming on Sunday. Sophie is loving it, Bella is still a little unsure of the water, but I know she will enjoy it soon!!
9.  Bella had what we thought was a bug bite, but then she she started getting a few more spots and was loosing the hair around them.  Off to the vet (I am so glad they are open on the weekends!!!) Apparently pit bulls are susceptible to demodex mites (EWWW).  Luckily they are not contagious and easy to treat.  She has an oral and topical RX and will hopefully be over it really quick!!

Enjoy today!!