Monday, August 26, 2013

weekly iphone photo dump~August week 4

From left to right:
1.  I went to a luncheon for work this week, it was on Health Care Reform (the more I learn about it the more confused I get!!), at least there was dessert!!
2.  I have a pile of stuff that needs to be shredded~Sophie and Bella are my new shredders.
3.  Mike fixed the dishwasher...Sophie has been the pre-wash cycle and her big body pulled the screws out, it was really wobbly.  Its all fixed now, just have to keep the crazy pups from standing on the door!
4.  I bought my first pair of Tom's.  They are SO comfy!!
5.  Pete looked like he wanted his picture taken!  Say Cheese!!
6.  I had lots of coupons for Petco, and since the dog food we buy was on sale, I scored a $35 savings!!
7.  My mom sent these doggie cannolis for Sophie and Bella, they looked good enough for me to eat!!  The pups enjoyed them~They say "THANKS" Grammy!!
8.  Mike and I have been spending time by the pool on Sunday mornings in our pj's, with our coffee, I LOVE IT!
9.  Sunday was cloudy, so it felt like a grilled ham & cheese (and tomato soup) day!!


June K said...

No kidding. . . #7 looks SO good. Sure looks like something for humans. I have a whole box full of shredding that needs to me done - been waiting for a free shredding day locally (way too much for my shredder). I will send my box over for Sophie and Bella.

Have a good week, Gretchen.

Jodene said...

Great pics, and Pete's eyes look so gorgeous in that photo!