Monday, August 12, 2013

weekly phone dump - august {week 2}

From left to right:
1.  Enjoyed some rain and cooler weather at the beginning of the week.
2.  I am driving the MR2, so I have had to re-acquaint myself with driving stick.
3.  Sophie on her way to puppy school.  She graduated with flying colors~GO SOPH!!.
4.  Of course I think she was the best student!!  She is all signed up for puppy class #2.
5.  I have been gathering Kodi's things for his new home (he is moving in with Josh).  
6.  Mike and I ate at Costco on Sunday~def not low calorie, but super yummy!
7.  Fruit, yogurt and granola (had to balance  out my lunch from Saturday, see #6).
8.  Nap time with Bella, she is the snuggly-est doggie EVER!!
9.  We said bye to Kodi last night *sad face* he will be living with Josh at their new home.  I am sure going to miss him being around!!

Enjoy Today!

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June K said...

Yay, you got to enjoy a little bit of cooler weather. How far away is Josh's new home? Hope Kodi gets to visit often so you can continue to share some of his pictures. :)