Monday, June 24, 2013

weekly iphone photo dump ~ June {week 4}

 From left to right:
1.  I wore a hole in my work sweater on my right elbow~I am guessing it is because it is my computer mouse side.
2.  Sophie demonstrating to the class "drop it"
3.  I have been washing lots of beach towels, which means, there has been lots of swimming!
4.  My new favorite cereal!!  I have had this for dinner 3 times last week.
5.  Super moon.
6.  Kodi getting de-shedded after his bath (he LOVES it, the de-shedding~not the bath).
7.  Got a pedi this weekend~my tootsies needed some TLC!
8.  Dinner with Mike at Pei Wei, I got my usual...sesame shrimp (swapping the scallions for pea pods), SO YUMMY!
9.  Coffee poolside with Mike~LOVE!

Enjoy Today!

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June K said...

Did Sophie drop it? :) TFS your weekly photos.