Monday, June 3, 2013

weekly photo dump {June wk 1}

From left to right:
1.  I am on a fruit and yogurt for breakfast kick at the moment.
2.  Another dog toy bites the dust!
3.  There is nothing like a burger on the grill~YUM!
4.  Since the weather is heating up (see # 5), I bought these yummy treats!
5.  YUP, it's summer!
6.  Did some errands and had to pick up some of my favorite popcorn~this stuff is addicting!
7.  While I was waiting in the car for Mike, I noticed this truck with tons of junk in it~I had to snap a picture.  How can you live like that~for real?!
8.  Of course we went here (we seriously go every week).  We signed Sophie up for puppy obedience classes.  They start this Thursday...I can't wait!!
9.  I have been doing lots of reading on dogs and the danger of rawhide, so since we were at Petco, I picked up 2 Bully Sticks for the pups they seem to be pretty durable, for my chewing doggies!

Enjoy Today!


June K said...

I saw photo #2 and I knew what it was right away (your narrative confirmed). LOL. Good luck with Sophie's obedience classes. Let us know how it goes.

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