Monday, April 29, 2013

weekly iphone photo dump ~ april {week 4}

from left to right:
1.  Our shower was leaking on Monday.  Mike took a shower Monday night and then the water would not turn off.  Luckily he had it fixed Tuesday afternoon (needed a part at Home Depot).  We had to shut the main water supply off so the shower didn't run all day.  Let me tell you, I kept forgetting it was off for that short time, so glad it is fixed and very thankful for indoor plumbing!
2.  This is Sophie right before I put her in her crate on my work days.  SO cute!!
3.  Coffee and jammie's...need I say more??
4.  Got my haircut this week, I was starting to look like a hot mess!!
5.  Mike and I ate lunch at Costco on Saturday (cost $6 for lunch).  It was a good thing, since we spent a small fortune at Petco for Sophie's dog food.
6.  While at Petco (see #5) we picked up this magazine.  I still haven't had time to look at it, but it looks like lots of good stuff in there!!
7.  This is what dinner time looks like at our house.  Mike preparing the doggies bowls while they watch in anticipation.
8.  I ate 2 bowls of Captain Crunch Cinnamon cereal for breakfast on Sunday morning...yup, I like cereal.
9.  It's getting warm  Hot in AZ!!