Friday, April 5, 2013

5 on Friday...

5 on Friday
1.  I have been eating too much left over Easter candy.  I am throwing the rest out today!!  Let the sugar detox begin!!
2.  This weekend I am not doing much (I hope)!!  I love having a 'low key' weekend...the last 2 were busy, busy, BUSY!
3.  I have been keeping up (so far) with THIS photo challenge.  I like that it is helping me get a little more creative with my camera.
4.  Sophie is getting her last round of puppy shots this weekend.  I am excited to see how much she weighs.  Last time she gained 9 pounds.  She is going to be a BIG pup!!
5.  And since I have to have a picture with a blog is Pete (who rules the roost), sitting on top of the doggie toys.  He cracks me up!!  He is not bothered one bit by the doggies!!  I love how he is winking at me, LOL!!

 Enjoy Today!

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June K said...

Have a great "do nothing" weekend. I love those types of weekends where you don't HAVE to do certain things but just do want you want.