Monday, April 15, 2013

weekly iphone photo dump ~ april {week 2}

From left to right:
1.  My work coffee cup~this one is from Jess ;)
2.  I decided to take the freeway home instead of the surface streets, not sure if I made better time, but I sure don't miss all the lights!!
3.  Need I say more~blah!
4.  Sometime the last few minutes take FOREVER!
5.  She likes to be with her peeps!  Let me in!!  Story of my, in/out, in/out, repeat!
6.  I have a Pinterest addiction, LOL!
7.  Mike picked the lunch spot on Saturday.  Glad we don't eat there every week, cause the fries are AMAZING (and fattening)!!
8.  Still dreading that Kodi will be moving out with Josh in November...He is such a great doggie!!
9.  Made this WW cake yesterday, so yummy!!  
One box Angel Food Cake mix, one can crushed pineapple.  Mix together and bake according to box directions.  I frost with fat free Cool Whip.  (I am not sure what the PP value is, but it used to be 2 points on the old plan).