Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digital Project Life Wednesday {week 13}...

I hope you are having a great week.  I am so ready for the weekend to be here, LOL!!  

I have been wanting to incorporate more everyday random stuff into my PL pages, and I am happy to report, that I am making that happen!!  Here is my layout from March 24-30th.  I was a little nervous about how it would come together, but it was really pretty easy.  I know I have said this so many times, but I LOVE that PL is so flexible.

Full Layout



 Enjoy Today!!


June K said...

Pretty colorful new clothes. Always fun to get something new to wear, isn't it? And even better yet if you get to buy them with gift cards.

Nicole said...

I love how you've used Midnight, your spread looks great! Trying to incorporate more facts of our everyday life is a new goal for my Project Life layouts as well :)

dan said...

Good idea to show many photos of different subjects in the same post.