Sunday, April 22, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump {april week 3}...

 From Left to Right:
1.  Worked from home on Monday.
2.  Finished up the Easter peeps=YUM!
3.  Photographing half my face, kinda random!!
4.  Sitting on the sofa with my iphone (playing Draw Something!!).
5.  Kodi looking out the window, wondering when Josh is coming home.
6.  Filled up the gas tank and got my car washed.
7.  I love Phoenix, even the hot weather, so much better than being cold in my opinion!!
8.  Pete in my face as always.
9.  Mike and I had a quick lunch on Saturday~California rolls and Sobe Water.

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June K said...

TFS. Love your weekly photo dump. Back of Kodi looks a little different than I imagined it. Here I was complaining about 90 degree weather. I'm glad you have a pool (I think I recall a pool).