Sunday, April 15, 2012

iphone photo dump {april week 3}...

I am alive!!  really, I am!!

weekly iphone photo dump week 3RS
From Left to Right:
1.  My new favorite game is Draw Something!!  Here is a screen shot I sent to Josh asking him for a hint, LOL!!!
2.  I bought this contraption to help me get my contacts out with my acrylic nails...I am not really in love with it!!
3.  Wedding invites (folded and ready to finish)  that I helped make for Ashley's BFF, who is getting married June 1st, they came out really pretty!! 
4.  Took a pedi break!!
5. Yup, I am OCD, I love going to Costco and stocking up on food, then filling up my clear containers in my pantry.
6.  Kodi is not spoiled, LOL!!  well maybe a little, he likes to have a pillow to sleep on.
7.  Mike and I went to Pei Wei for our Saturday date lunch (since I had gone to Chipolte, our usual spot,  the day before with a friend).  
8.  Fueling up before church this morning.
9.  I had to chuckle at the sticker on my bananas~it reads:  turn me into  Yonanas!!  Yes Please!!  I LOVE my Yonana's maker!! I use it almost every day.

Enjoy today!!! 

This week I will be back to regularly scheduled blog posts!!  See you tomorrow!!

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Patrice said...

Lol I only came across Draw Something last week. I've been hooked ever since!