Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Administrative Professional Day...

Happy Administrative Professional Day!!  
Today is going to be a quick post!!  If you didn't know, today is Administrative Professionals Day.  Here is the gift that Mike and I put together for Heather, our Church Administrator.  She is such a blessing to our family (and the rest of the church)!!  I know of many times she has told Mike to GO HOME, which I really appreciate!  She has given of her time for quite some time, and when I say given, I mean GIVEN!!  She volunteers her time and talent to our church selflessly!! 

I cannot list the items inside the bag...just in case she reads this post, since this is waiting for her at the church office once she gets out of work today.  I hope she enjoys it!!

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I purchased the gift bag at Target and of course had to try to coordinate the card *smile*  

And I don't know what it is about curling ribbon, but my cats LOVE that stuff!!  Must contain some kind of kitty crack!!  Notice Dewey sneaking in the background trying to be inconspicuous? Yeah, I am onto him!!

Enjoy today!!!


Patrice said...

A gorgeously wrapped gift. Love the bright fun colours and your matching tags (including previous post) are perfect!

June K said...

Another cool card to match your gift bag. So when you are at Target looking at these bags are tag and card ideas already going through your mind or do you get home and think about it? I love how you make things match so well.

June K said...

And Dewey "eye-ing" that ribbon cracks me up.