Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekly iphone photo dump...week 3 March

weekly phone dump week 3 march RS

From Left to Right:
1.  This is my alarm clock on most days, he lets me know when he thinks I have slept too much and need to get up, CRAZY Pete.
2.  Mike and I tried a new spot for our usual lunch date, Pita Jungle, it was yummy!!  We both got a gyro pita (I seriously do not know the correct way to pronounce it!!  I say year-o, is that right??).
3.  Grocery shopping on Saturday night with one of my favorite peeps~we sure know how to PARTY on the weekend!!
4.  It was chilly in Phoenix today 46 degrees this morning (and rainy), and by Phoenix standards, that is STINKIN' cold!!  So it was a great excuse to get a SB's on the way to church.
5.  After I went through the SB's drive through and took a sip of my coffee, I noticed that they made me a mocha instead of a white chocolate mocha *sad face* I am really not a coffee snob, but I went in to get the right one and they told me to keep the mocha~Mike was the happy recipient.
6.  My lunch today was a baked potato with turkey chili, sour cream and cheese (so yummy on a cold day, see #4).
7.  This is who sits next to me while I eat, see #6, of course I always leave him a few bites, he isn't spoiled~to badly, LOL!!
8.  I was laying down for a Sunday nap, and Dewey felt the need to head butt me and play with my zipper!!  CRAZY Dew!
9.  Mike and I took Kodi for a VERY short walk, because it was stinkin' cold outside, see #4, I really could have used a winter jacket!!  Can you believe I am originally from Connecticut??

Enjoy Today!!

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