Saturday, December 3, 2011

craft room re-organization

Happy Saturday Peeps!
One of the things on my list to get DONE before I start my new job this Monday, was to re-organize my craft room.  It seems like stuff just multiplies in there!!  All week long I went through EVERYTHING and really purged!!  If I didn't think I would use it, I got rid of it.  I think I took out about 10 large bins worth of stuff.  Luckily I had someone that I donated it to, who will give it a good home!!

After that was done, my sweet hubby added more shelving to the room (since I had to incorporate some of my old office work stuff into the space, because I am doing some medical billing as a side job).  I finally got everything moved in and reorganized, and I think it will be pretty functional for me.

And since I love to look at other peoples craft spaces, I thought I would post mine (because inquiring minds wanna know!!).  You can see what it looked like before HERE.

on Friday, Mike took a trip to Lowe's to get more shelving and brackets to add more space for me (I love that it all matches)!! Then he worked his magic!!
craft room 4 rs

Once that was finished, I started putting everything back in.  I kept most of it in the same spots as before, but it is nice to hot have it so cramped!!

View 1~This is my billing home office corner as well as my stamping/scrapbooking supplies. (all my markers, tools, punches, photo paper, envelopes, etc are stored it the bins/boxes).
Craft room 1 rs

View 2~Here is my stamping table/office desk.  This is where I get creative!!

craft room 2 rs

View 3~This is the other end of the shelving unit, which stores my cards, adhesive, cuttlebug/Papertrey ink templates, magazines that I have been published in, books of online classes I have taken, camera gear, light tent (for my blog pic's), and my sewing machine.

craft room 3 rs

View 4~This is the other side of the room, where my personal computer and desk is.  This is where I surf the web, do graphic design work for church and edit my photos.  Sometimes I share it with Mike, LOL!! (note to self...I think the cords under the desk need to be untangled and organized today!!  Adding it  to my list of stuff to do!!).

craft room 5 rs

Well that is it.  My little space.  Hope you enjoyed the I have to get crackin' on the rest of my to-do list!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


June K. said...

Looks very nice. Thanks for sharing. I love looking at other's craft rooms.

Nancy Riley said...

A great space, Gretchen! I love that your neat-nick, clean & crisp style!

Our lives are so intertwined with FB, blogs, and Pinterest that we really should meet up for lunch one day! Why haven't we ever done that?

Karen said...

OMG!! Gretchen you have a beatiful space to get creative in! I have one wall along our bedroom, but one day when we get a new house, I am getting my own craft room! :)


Karen said...

Oh and I just read beautiful Nancy's comment. If you get to meet up with her........I will be green with envy! lol


Luv Karen

Jodene said...

I love your room Gretchen, so organised! Sadly my room has been neglected the past few weeks :(

Lloyd said...

Very nice! Mike's a good guy :)
And great job with those organizational skills.

pattylt said...

Your reorganized space looks wonderful. The big question is, 'does it stay that way?' Mine was so well thought out once upon a time. Now, not so much. Thank you for the inspiration to get back in there and CLEAN (and have a reason to buy cute new organizers as well!) Great job.

Blossom inch said...

oh my!! love your style of organizing things around and love your tips. What an awesome blog and post to share! Thanks Gretchen! xx

Joyce Cortes Mackenroth said...

Wow! Your craft room looks so amazing! I found your blog thru makin' cute blogs where you left your testimonial.

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